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Actually a single window covering this whole industry can hardly do justice to it, as the lines of business which can be grouped together under this heading are so diverse.

A quick glance at our customer list shows the wide range of lines of business we are dealing with here:

  • propulsion technology
  • automation technology
  • electrical engineering
  • energy and environmental technology
  • fluid technology
  • handling systems and sorting technology
  • semi-finished goods suppliers
  • industrial construction
  • construction service providers / engineering consultants
  • plastics technology
  • machinery / tools / operating and auxiliary materials
  • instrumentation
  • standard and precision parts
  • test engineering
  • closed loop and control technology
  • safety engineering
  • software and systems
  • textile technology
  • packaging technology
  • materials technology

and much more.

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Because we know that mechanical engineering is not all the same, we will provide you with translations tailor-made to suit your specialist area.

Because we know that your company uses experts from your area, we also do the same with our translators who we select for your projects.

Many of our translators are engineers themselves or already specialized in a particular subject area while working towards qualifying as a technical translator and have then immersed themselves in this subject during many years of professional experience.

Nevertheless, we trust in close cooperation with our customers, as particularly in mechanical engineering, customer-specific special constructions are often required. We also make these demands of our translations and accommodate this by striving towards providing our translators with as much detailed information as possible about the product in close cooperation with the technical editor or product manager.

We translate and localize for you

  • in compliance with guidelines
  • oriented towards the target group
  • using the correct specialist terminology

We already translate the following types of text in more than 150 different language combinations:

  • Complete documentation
  • Assembly instructions
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Repair instructions
  • Operating instructions
  • Texts for invitation to tender
  • Risk analyses
  • Declarations of conformity
  • GUI texts
  • Web pages