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  • The contract for assigning employees to Argentina
  • The commercial register excerpt for a company merger in China
  • An employment contract for sales employees in Egypt
  • The lease agreement for offices for a subsidiary in Russia
  • The articles of incorporation for the subsidiary in the USA
  • The expert appraisal of the legal dispute in France
  • Power of attorney for the Managing Director in Spain…

…virtually every company at some point in time will have to produce a legally effective document in one business situation or another in a foreign language, or will require a cast-iron translation of such into their own language.

As the correctness of the translations of documents with a legally binding content often needs to be proven correspondingly, we of course also offer authenticated translations.

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Both we and our translators undertake to work with the greatest care when dealing with such documents. Our project managers only select suitably qualified translators whose native tongue is always the target language of the text and who on the one hand, understand legal and contractual jargon in the source language in great detail through their education and many years of experience, and on the other hand, can reproduce this in their native tongue with appropriate phrases.

Legally relevant texts usually contain sensitive and confidential information. All employees at PlusLingua are well aware of the responsibility they have been entrusted with by you as the customer with the order to process this important content. Secrecy and confidentiality are second nature to us.

However, we would also be happy to conclude an individual confidentiality agreement with you. On the other side, we have of course contractually agreed corresponding confidentiality clauses with all our translators and reviewers.