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If you need an interpreter, we have a suitable proposal for you! Read this to get an overview of the special features...

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If you need an interpreter, we have a suitable proposal for you! Read this to get an overview of the special features of verbal interlingual communication and the various types of interpreting, as well as the services which we can offer you in this context:

As oppose to written translation, interpreting is verbal language transmission.

Even if you yourself are not organizing international conferences or meetings, situations arise in many companies in which people speaking different native tongues come together and require an interpreter.

This could include:

  • Negotiations with foreign business partners,
  • Factory tours for potential customers,
  • Product training at end customers abroad,
  • Speeches and table talk at international celebrations


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Depending on the type of event, there are different interpreting techniques which a qualified interpreter is master of, in addition to their absolute language competence and inter-cultural expertise.

The main distinguishing feature between the interpreting techniques is simultaneous or consecutive interpreting.

Among the tasks an interpreter is entrusted with is targeted preparation for the respective job. For this reason, information material on the content of the event should be made available in plenty of time.

If you are interested in interpreting services, we would be more than happy to provide you with an individual interpreter or a suitable team. For this purpose, when sending us your request for quotation, please also provide the following key data: The type of event, location and duration of the event, content of event, required languages.