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From translating texts for audio-visual use, to working on dubbing translated text, right up to transcription of audio recordings...

From translating texts for audio-visual use, to working on dubbing translated text, right up to transcription of audio recordings, we can be your partner for implementing complete solutions or individual project steps. Read here on how we can support you in detail:

Sometimes it is not enough to simply make the content of a text available in written format.
New media in particular offer a wide range of options for working with images and sound, thus presenting content for image and advertising messages, know-how management, entertainment or product information in an attractive and animated way.

For a company operating on a global scale, an audio visual appearance also represents a multilingual project.

As a service provider for technical communication, we at PlusLingua can provide you with comprehensive support with the implementation.

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Working with you, we can realize the following tasks as multilingual overall projects.

  • audiovisual translation
  • foreign language dubbing
    • voice over
    • subtitles
  • transcription of audio recordings in written text


  • image and marketing films
  • audio guides
  • interactive courses and training (e-learning)
  • podcasts
  • product films
  • instruction videos

To do this we offer you

  • translators with experience in processing texts for dubbing later on or subtitles
  • professional language recordings
    • with qualified native speakers
    • in more than 20 languages
    • with individual speaker selection
  • preparation of pronunciation and recording guidelines
  • audio preproduction and post-production
  • taking over the entire project management
  • delivery of the audio file in the required format

Our employees understand both the technical requirements and also the linguistic and target market specific requirements of audio productions.

We would be happy to provide a free, non-binding offer to you, also including a speech sample.

Please send us the text which needs translating and/or dubbing and - if available, the associated film.