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Developments in recent years in particular have drawn everyone's attention to how internationally interlinked the entire finance and capital markets are now and how important an efficient and trustworthy banking system is.

On the one hand, this means that the stipulations set by international controlling bodies on business practice, transparency and reporting in the industry are becoming increasingly strict. On the other hand, competition is growing and globally operating institutes need to be able to compete with the banks on location. While the latter strive towards securing their future and necessary growth through strategic acquisitions and mergers - often across national borders.

This in turn increases the demand with regard to internationalization of the documents of companies from the finance and capital markets which are already extremely sensitive.

This makes very specific requirements of the translation of these texts.

The finance and business world has its own expressions in every language. Yet, despite this, every statement and interpretation needs to be transmitted correctly into the respective language. We are well aware of this which is why we employ experienced translators and reviewers who exclusively work in this specialist area.

  • Balance sheets
  • Business reports
  • Financial analyses
  • Documents on international payment, credit and capital market transactions
  • Documents associated with international restructuring, mergers and acquisitions or IPOs - you can trust us with translating these important documents:
    • Careful and confidential treatment of sensitive data is a matter of course to us. We also conclude corresponding agreement with all our external employees at the start of any cooperation.
    • Translators and reviewers are checked and selected according to standard processes before being included in our database; their performance is subject to continuous evaluation.
    • Every customer will have their own contact and a fixed team of translators.
    • If required, we can also provide authenticated translations of your documents.
    • We are there for you with express orders and also for long-term major projects which require a well-rehearsed team of translators.