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Without doubt, one of the main actors on the global stage of the global economy is the automotive industry.

Construction and design at one end of the world, production at the other, end products and end users with sales and after sales represented in all markets around the globe. In addition to that, booming new markets with increasing demand as well as the classic sales areas.

To stay amongst the front runners here, the public image needs to be right. And this depends not least on the quality of published texts and their language, whether written or spoken, whether of a clear, technical nature or prepared for effective advertising.

We have the right translators and reviewers for you:

  • The target language is their native language
  • They have an excellent understanding of the source language
  • They are specialized expert translators
  • They have many years of experience in the automotive sector
  • They focus on technical literature – precise, clear, non-ambiguous
  • If required, they are creative, use linguistic nuances, promotional
  • They are always oriented towards the target market

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We can provide translation of:

  • operating instructions,
  • diagnosis literature,
  • service and assembly instructions,

but also:

  • marketing and promotional texts,
  • image brochures,
  • web appearances,
  • newsletters.

So that the translators are in the position to do what they do best, which is translating, we deal with preparing the data from all sorts of source formats.

  • Classic publication formats such as
    • MS Office
    • Adobe FrameMaker
    • Adobe InDesign
    • Quicksilver
    • PageMaker
    • QuarkXpress
  • content from editorial systems, product information systems
  • content from you company-internal systems.