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In practice, we implement the standard requirements including our own quality guidelines at PlusLingua as follows:

  • Process management using an ERP system
    All processes from the request for quotation to invoicing are processed using a central ERP system. This allows manageable and traceable storage, quick access to project data, status monitoring at a glance - in brief an optimal overview of the project.
  • Technical project preparation
    All files and documents which we receive for processing are examined in detail so as to be able to define the most efficient process for further processing.
    This includes any data preparation which may be necessary for processing the text using a Computer Aided Translation system. This means that later on, the translator is only shown translation-relevant content for processing and also that in the database of these systems, only meaningful and coherent text segments are saved for use in future.
  • Project preparation of the content
    In parallel to the technical requirements, the conditions for a translation result with perfect content are defined.
    For this purpose, the text to be translated in appropriately classified.
    Available reference material is requested and prepared or respectively, available Translation Memories and dictionaries are referenced.
    Suitable translators are selected and provided with all the necessary information.