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Our Vendor Management team serves as the central point of contact for our translators, supervising their work and coordinating with our project managers to ensure that we have the external resources to meet the needs of our clients. Vendor managers regularly assess the competence of our translators with the goal of optimising translation services.

Our measures taken to ensure a successful cooperation with translators are:

  • Building up a long-term business relationship
  • Fair pay
  • Acknowledgment of expertise
  • Valuing the service provided
  • Supporting translators in their work by promoting their
    • understanding of the entire process
    • comprehensive project information
    • providing advice on technical questions

By implementing these measures, we benefit from the following advantages:

  • Mutual trust is created and we gain partners for particularly challenging or sensitive tasks.
  • We can also benefit from preferential treatment if required.
  • Both the translator and also PlusLingua benefit from this, as does the customer.

Because as we know, constant change for short-term gain is costly in the long term and will have a detrimental effect on the quality of the service.

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    All translators only ever translate into their native tongue.
    They have excellent knowledge and a complete understanding of the source language which they are translating from.
    They have an academic qualification as a specialist translator or many years of experience in translating.
    They have specialized in a particular subject and are deployed in accordance with this qualification. (Before starting on their career as a translator, many of them worked in the respective industry, e.g. as engineers or a product manger or completed an appropriate apprenticeship.)
    They work with the necessary Computer Aided Translation tools and are technically capable of processing the translations efficiently and correctly.
    We at PlusLingua have concluded individual contracts with all our external employees which regulate the conditions of the cooperation and corresponding clauses on secrecy and confidential treatment of the information and data transmitted.
    Constantly working according to the terms of UNE EN 15038, according to which, every translation needs to be reviewed by a second translator, allow us to continually evaluate the translators we deploy on the basis of comments made by the reviewer. This evaluation alongside the results from additional random checks by our project managers and feedback from our customers contributes towards the quality assessment of the individual translators in a database.

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