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From translating texts for audio-visual use, to working on dubbing translated text, right up to transcription of audio recordings...

Everyone needs it – all around the world. This also means global business relationships, international knowledge transfer, multilateral projects.

On the one side of this development, there is the ongoing process of liberalization of the power supply industry with efforts to segregate networks and electricity production across Europe for cross-border energy supply.

On the other side, there is the awareness of the global climate situation which is being dealt with particularly in the power supply industry with more investment in research and development and that - appropriately for the problem - not on a local scale but in international cooperation.

We can be your partner to help you internationalize your business.

Our employees working in translation management are experienced in managing complex, long-term contracts and react quickly to express ad-hoc requests for quotation. They will find the right specialist translator and reviewer for the required topic, whether it is a matter of renewable or conventional energy, or a matter or energy generation or energy supply.

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These include

  • classic technical documentation with instructions for operation and maintenance,
  • technical drawings,
  • expert appraisals and records on environmental and social compatibility,
  • studies,
  • guidelines, instructions,
  • invitations to tender and tender documents,
  • presentations,
  • minutes of meetings

but also

  • legal texts,
  • finance and business documents.
  • If required, we will also provide your translations with legal authentication.

Depending on the translation volume, a suitable number of regular translators are selected for each customer and teams are formed to ensure continuous quality of the translations.