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From translating texts for audio-visual use, to working on dubbing translated text, right up to transcription of audio recordings...

You write the language which our computers understand. We will ensure that users all around the world can work with it and will support you in translating and localizing all the software and hardware literature.
Among other things, we can translate for you

  • GUI’s
  • Installation instructions
  • Operating instructions
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Administration manuals
  • Programming manuals

Three aspects in particular need to be taken into consideration when translating or respectively localizing software documents:

  • In IT and software, it is necessary to localize the source texts more often than with other technical documentation. This means, texts are not "just translated" but adapted to suit circumstances typical of the country and culture of the target market (apart from date, time, currency and temperature data, as well as units of measurement and conversion factors, it also involves legislation applicable at the place it is used and the adaptation of color palettes, fonts and symbol sets, audio and language output).
  • We would be happy to advise you on the necessary internationalization in the planning process, to avoid retrospective time and cost expenses and will deal with localization in close cooperation with you.
  • Contents are often highly fragmented and brief (GUI, button texts) and this makes it even more important here to provide the translator with the overall context (manual or similar) so that he can understand the correct context.
  • The data structure of the source files is usually very challenging and packaged in a large number of different formats. We will find the most suitable CAT tool for almost every type of data and will prepare the input data so that the translator only get the translation-relevant texts to work on. This means that only these appear in our invoice to you and you also have the certainty that no system-relevant elements are changed meaning that the translated data can easily be fed back into your system.